With Amanda Jane Daley

3 Keys to Unlock your $5k months
as a Health Coach

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PLUS - I'm going to walk you through my personal Healthy Business Plan so that you can use it NOW to start making $5k per month too.

Weds 17th June, 11am Sydney | Tues 16th June, 6pm LA, 9pm NY

This brand new Masterclass is my absolute favourite so far, it will create real transformation for you and your business.

With my $5k pm Healthy Business Plan in your hands you will know exactly how to create a Health Coaching business that is full of dream clients, brings you location independence and time flexibility (yoga at 11am anyone?)

This is no stuffy old business plan! It is the EXACT plan I use in my own coaching business which brings in multiple 6-figures in income a year. It's super simple to follow and it's yours for FREE.


During this FREE webinar, you will learn:

  • Enjoy crystal clarity on my signature system for creating $5k months. I’ll be taking you through the exact steps and showing you real-life CASE STUDIES that have taken my students from ZERO clients to fully booked within a few short months.
  • Walk away confident, knowing exactly how to create a business that is authentic and aligned to your values as a Health Coach - no long hours, no burn out, plenty of time for your ideal clients, plenty of time for your family and you.
  • Discover the most common mindset blocks that prevent Health Coaches from getting consistent clients and how to change them. I’m not talking about ‘You can do anything’ mindset - I’m talking practical.
  • Learn how to get started without even putting up a website. You don’t have to be tech savvy and have thousands of followers to build a steady stream of clients that align with your coaching.

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3 Keys to Unlock your $5k months as a Health Coach

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Amanda Jane Daley is a Business Mentor for Health Coaches. She's honored to have been featured as a Health Coaching expert on top sites such as Mind Body Green, TinyBuddha and Women's Health and Fitness. With a background of 15 years in online marketing, Amanda has earned recognition by the world's top advertising awards. In just a few years, she's built a multiple 6-figure coaching practice of her own. Now, she combines her health + business savvy to mentor other Health Coaches to achieve the same goals focused on money mindset work and current online marketing strategies. Driven by a dream of shifting the way the world values health, Amanda has become the go-to business + wealth expert for healthy entrepreneurs who desire a freedom-based lifestyle.