UPswing Mastermind™ is the group to be in to grow your business in a supported way, surrounded by other women all pushing each other forward.

Discover, step-by-step, how to go from where you are now to getting your first Health Coaching client, and from there scaling up to the $5k month income level and beyond.

My own greatest business breakthroughs have always come when I work not only with a mentor creating her own BIG reality, but when I’ve found an awesome tribe of like-minded women. Money alone simply can’t buy the energy that comes from surrounding yourself with women on an UPswing mission. Surrounding yourself by other women who have big dreams, and big energy to make it happen, turns your dreams into your reality much faster.

Often someone asks a question during a mastermind call that you didn’t even know you had. Their breakthroughs become your breakthroughs. When surrounded by ladies on the UP, you have no choice but to do the same (and you won’t find a stronger level of accountability than women who are really going for it themselves, and who truly have your back).

The emphasis is always on creation, not competition, so you’ll always feel supported, both by me and your fellow driven Health Coaches, every step of the way. I’m only allowing women into this group who have positive energy and really want to help each other forward.

This is NOT a large group program where you’re a number amongst 1000's. This isn’t an online DIY ecourse, either. This is a LIVE experience with constant interaction and accountability from me and an intimate group of like-minded coaches.