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"When I came into the Mastermind I had done some of the best online business training in the world + hadn’t seen the results. Health coaching is a very specific industry, it’s a very specific niche and you can’t just slap general business training on top of health coaching and expect it to work - so that is the reason I started working with Amanda. I knew there was more going on and when we had the first laser coaching call I saw these massive shifts I was like, Oh My God – this works!"

— Amanda Pickering, UK

"I want to tell you that your Mastermind program is seriously awesome - the value is fantastic. I'm getting more out of this program than I did last year working 1:1 with a business coach - at a fraction of the cost. The community is insanely supportive and I've really connected with the other Mastermind members - we stay in communication each day and this makes a huge difference - through the good stuff and the challenging stuff. Thanks again for everything you do - it is seriously a gift."

— June Melia, USA

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“In the first 12 weeks of the UPswing Mastermind I made $12k from my Health Coaching business. My investment has been paid back 2-3 x over already – but more importantly I am just so happy that I'm making an impact in all of these people’s lives! I have 3 small children, so didn’t know if I’d have the time to make this work – but I am only working 1.5 days a week on my business and I'm stoked with the results! I feel like I've jumped on the ‘fast-track'.”

— Jennie Gough, UK