After an initial false start and shock of how hard it was to get clients as a Health Coach (followed by months lying on the sofa wishing I knew what to do to get things rolling) I went on to grow my own Health Coaching business rapidly, building to $5k months in my first year with a fully booked schedule of health coaching clients. I also held workshops, wrote my first ebook, launched a detox program and spoke at top industry events.

As a veteran art director, I spent my first career working in advertising with the most iconic brands of our time. With my A-game strategies from the big players like Coca Cola, Microsoft, Nokia and eBay (+ top charities too) I can help you make a true impact in the health coaching world.

When I left advertising to become a health coach, I truly had no idea how to go about getting clients. It was such a new world. But once I bridged the gap of my old career with the new, I then quickly grew my coaching business to consistently make $5K a month - and I’ve gone on to build my income to $50K months and beyond.

(i know - kinda crazy right? but for now let's stay focused on your first step which is $5k per month)

you see i truly believe that making your first $5k is the hardest. there is truly a lot to learn when getting started and you want to learn what works as soon as possible to really give yourself the best shot of success.

how would $5k per month look for you?

Of course making $5k per month is never about the money itself. For me consistent $5k months mean:

- I now have the freedom to travel the world regularly
- I work my own hours (yoga at 11am, PT sessions at 4pm)
- I choose to work with people I truly LOVE to hangout with.

- I no longer have to hold back on my cold-pressed juice purchase, my kinesiology appointments or anything that my body is desiring to improve my happiness and wellbeing.

In short I am free to live the life I desire, on my own terms!

Now this certainly wasn’t handed to me on a silver platter. It certainly didn’t drop in my lap. I was truly driven to make it happen no matter what – both for me and the world. 

A Health Coaching certification is by no means an instant ticket to success - you need to learn to hustle as a kick-ass entrepreneur. But if you have that drive, you have that dream - then the world can be your (sustainably-farmed) oyster!

Just like you, I'm a regular chick who was working in a corporate career only a few years ago. I'm not a celebrity and I didn't have money behind me when I started.  If I can do it, you can do it, and if you are ready to take that leap and start living your dreams NOW, then I'm here to show you exactly how it's done.

The health coaches in my tribe are the ones who are gonna make it happen no matter what. And with me by your side, with all the tricks and shortcuts I’ve learnt along the way, that can happen faster and more powerfully than slowly working it out for yourself. I get great results with my clients who are just like me - driven! (That's the one quality that can't be taught - you gotta be hungry for it and willing to step into a new you - the $5k you)

Sound like something you're up for?

Now I've created UPswing Mastermind, an intimate experience for an elite group of health coaches who are truly dedicated to making $5k+ a month and create great change in the world as a result.