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I see YOU, health coach.

Drowning in to-do lists, fears, and uncertainty.

Knowing in your heart that this passion is your life’s purpose, yet still struggling for CONFIDENCE, CASH FLOW, and CLIENTS.

You want to take your business from hobby to success, but how do you do that without burning yourself out? Honestly, the overwhelm is already starting to wear on YOU.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

A healthy client base starts with a healthy PLAN.

You know what a healthy plan starts with?

The Healthy Wealthy Biz Planner.

1. Powerful Messaging so clients connect with the life-changing guidance you’re selling.

2. Purposeful Packaging so clients are impressed with how much value they’re getting.

3. Client Attraction so your calendar is booked out for months in advance.

4. Soulful Sales so your clients know they’ve entrusted their health to someone who cares.

5. Confident Coaching so you lead and inspire your clients with ease and make an IMPACT.

And? For a limited time, it’s absolutely FREE as a holiday gift from me to you. 😁 

I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true, right? (Spoiler alert: It’s not!)

You’ll make a plan to:

  • Create a targeted marketing strategy with powerful messaging, so you can show potential clients that a health coach will wildly elevate their well being.

  • Take steps towards pulling together coaching packages that are powerful, so when you share the price they’re already ready to say, “SIGN ME UP!”

  • Schedule time for self-care and gratitude, because what kind of health coach would you be if you skipped your yoga class and meditation practice, right? This planner makes time FOR YOU. You are just as important as the clients you serve.

  • Break giant projects and goals into smaller digestible action steps, so you can crawl out from under that pile of doubt, and get to work conquering your dreams.

  • Believe in your purpose and get aligned with your path, so you approach your coaching practice with absolute confidence and start bringing in $5-$10K a month!

I spent years building a planner that works for me and my clients, and now I’m ready to share everything I know in this in-depth guide with you!

The Healthy Wealthy Planner will let you:

  • Break out yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals with ease.

  • Categorize your goals according to my 5 pillars of successful health coaching.

  • Set intentions, prioritize tasks, and take advantage of the “golden hour.”

  • Create a self-care plan that gives you the energy to balance it all.

  • Stay consistent with reflection and gratitude and feel empowered.


And did I mention it’s free? 😉

So are you ready to tackle the new year? Click to download and let’s start planning.

Your FREE PLANNER will be sent to your inbox immediately.

Attract a healthy client base.

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What do I know about ditching the overwhelm & mapping out a year filled with $5K MONTHS?  

I’m so glad you asked! Hi there, I’m Amanda, business mentor and wealth expert for health-focused entrepreneurs who desire a freedom-based lifestyle.

Thanks to my 15+ years in online marketing, I was able to build my 6-figure coaching practice in just a few, short years. But it wasn’t always an easy road. I’m not a celebrity, or a model, or a gal with so much money in the bank I could just up and become an “expert.” Nope. I’m just a regular woman who was driven to exhaustion by a demanding career, who had to make some serious changes to repair her health. So change I did, and that’s when I finally found my true calling: health coaching! When I showed up with a commitment to my purpose, that’s when I inspired others to do the same. Since then, I’ve combined my health + business savvy to help other health coaches achieve their 6-figure goals too.

I truly believe that we can change how the world values health when we as coaches value ourselves. I want to see you step into your fullest potential in life, as coaches and as conduits for healthy change in this world. (This goes WAY beyond food, ladies!)

I'm here to prove that wellness entrepreneurs and health coaches can truly prosper, and my planner will help you MAP OUT THE STEPS TO SUCCESS.

Because there ARE clear, simple steps and you CAN get there!

With the Healthy Wealthy Biz Planner you don’t have to suffer under the weight of overwhelm.

A thriving business is just one click away!

Attract a healthy client base.

Download your FREE PLANNER NOW!

Let’s go change the world, one healthy client at a time.