I invite you to apply for UPswing Mastermind and together we will explore if it is right for you.

Investment options:

$4995 (USD) in full

Or choose the monthly option at $995 per month


Amanda is the woman you want on your team. Just one single tip from her saw me quadruple my list in just over a week - and that is just the beginning!.
— Amie Skilton, whatthenaturopathsaid.com

When I began working with Amanda, I wanted what she had. I wanted to coach full time, I wanted to know who I was speaking to, I wanted to have the freedom to work hard but to play hard too and to be my own boss. And to do that, I needed some tools, techniques and guidance to show me how to get it done.

And that is what I have received. Priceless.
— Erin Smallbon, www.eswellness.com.au

Not only has my business really started to thrive, I’ve personally grown in unexpected ways, drawing me to a bigger, more expansive way of living!
— Cecile Weigle, cecileweigle.com

After our work together, I had tripled my subscriber list, created a new opt-in, created new packages and offering, had articles published, and had my first paying clients. Without Amanda I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business like this or create a solid plan for future growth.

I’m still surprised about how much I achieved in such a short amount of time.
— Pia Scade, piascade.com

I’ve started selling high-end coaching packages, have doubled my list and mastered facebook ads. But most excitedly I’ve taken a life changing move to live my desired life NOW - I purchased a luxury house in the country!

We all talk about wanting to have a more peaceful life, live sustainably, etc and now I’m actually doing it
— Tamsin Casey, tamsincasey.com

I love working with Amanda! She’s sensitive, smart, sassy and she empowers me. Amanda makes me a better coach and helped me attract my first clients with ease and confidence.
— Domonique Young, Health Coach

I enjoyed Amanda’s program so much that I signed up to work with her again—and I know that the best is yet to come! It’s a lot to work through all of this, but Amanda makes it worth it, and now because I’m more clear and focused, I’ve created an offering with components that I didn’t even plan on including—and it’s unique!
— Karen Miller, consciouscravings.com.au

I connected with Amanda and her personality—she was professional, friendly, and inspiring—and I knew that I had to continue working with her. She challenges me (in a good way) and in just six weeks, I’ve been able to get my website up, all the copy written, and my opt-in ready. I have a brand new business offering that I LOVE and have already run 5 clients through my first package!
— Anne MacArthur, annemacarthur.com

Amanda was completely invested in me and my business, and by the time I finished her program, I had developed a customized coaching plan that was in line with what my ideal clients want, I had doubled my list, and I had successfully been published on a notable blog! And now, I’m a full-time coach!
— Stephanie Cook, stephaniecookwellness.com

I followed my intuition to work with Amanda without even really doing my homework - when ‘you know, you know’ and I was not disappointed. I really grasped wealth consciousness at a whole new level and am celebrating $3600 this month from my side business and now have a new business model to take me to the next level again.
— Carrie Robertson


Hi lovely,

When I first left my job to become a Health Coach, I told myself that I couldn’t afford extra business support until 'after' I was making the money in my business. I thought I could work it out alone.

After 6 months lying on my sofa, staring at the ceiling with a fancy blog under my belt and not a single client, I realised I was being of no service to anyone and pulled up my big-girl panties to go-pro.

I came across a mastermind program that was almost a $10k investment (can you imagine the conversations with my husband when I was making no income and wanted to take this leap?)

Going-pro and joining that mastermind was the missing piece and I started making my money back within months and quickly mastered what I believe is the biggest goal in a new coaching business - $5k+ months.

A year later I toyed with the idea of getting a 1:1 business mentor but I really understood the amazing power of a mastermind, so again signed up for a high-level mastermind program. It was being surrounded by like-minded woman in that group that showed me what was possible to go not only to $10k pm but then onwards to $50k pm and beyond.

I believe in the power of mastermind programs so strongly and after working with over 50 woman 1:1, I now know that this mastermind format is how I can deliver the ULTIMATE experience for you in the shortest amount of time.

You do not need to work this out alone. I’ve travelled this journey as a Health Coach and continue to do so as a Business Mentor (it is definitely a journey) and if you are ready to take that leap for yourself towards the life of your dreams, I would be truly honored to be your mentor.

You do not need to struggle like I did, you do not need to waste time ‘wishing’ you knew what to do - I will teach you it all and be right by your side as you learn to implement your very own $5k+ pm Healthy Business Plan.

One of the biggest Wealth Consciousness secrets I have learnt along my journey is that if you have a desire it is MEANT for you. You are the one who chooses to say YES or NO to those desires - only YOU can choose. I hope for you it will be a YES as it was for me. I could never have created the life and business I love so much today if I hadn’t have taken that first leap and said YES.

I hope you do so too.

Amanda xx