The exclusive early bird Bonus Bundle
(worth over $1500) includes:


+ Bonus LIVE Pre-Training with Amanda Jane Daley on Wealth Consciousness

This call is exclusive for Early Bird go-getters and will have you stepping into your $5k per month woman shoes TODAY. Set yourself up for ultimate success by taking these actions BEFORE the mastermind even starts. 

+ 20 minute Soul Stroll Audio by Erin Stutland

Perfect for ANY fitness level, run, walk, bike or dance your way to success! This downloadable rockin' playlist with my powerful mantras will help you get what you most want, easily and effortlessly. This is a playlist that has SO many great uses!

  • Use it while doing your favorite workout at the gym.
  • Take it with you on your next walk, run or bike ride!
  • Turn it up at home for that secret dance party you love to have!
  • Play it before a big meeting to pump you up!
  • Put it on in the car and get your little ones repeating the mantras with you!

+ Creating An Iconic Brand eBook by Dani Hunt from Neverland Studio

The ultimate guide to building a brand that pops!

A step-by-step guide for inspired entrepreneurs who are looking to kick things up a notch with their brand image. Ready to make waves in your industry, stand out from the pack, and stay memorable in the minds of your people?

This guide walks you through my top strategies for creating a killer brand image, from the first steps you should take, to the long-term must-do’s. It’s the ultimate check-list for experienced pro’s looking to nailing a big brand overhaul and new-ish business owners wanting to step up and be heard from day one.


+ Mind, Body, Soul by Samantha Nolan-Smith

Samantha's mind, body, soul exercise helps you to understand that there are different part of yourself that are sometimes giving you contradictory advice. It helps you to hear the difference between them and to uncover the advice coming from the wisest past of yourself.

When you access your wisest self, you have the confidence and clarity you need to move forward, knowing it's in your highest and best interest.


+ Spirited eBook by Rachel MacDonald & Tara Bliss

You’re a seeker. A go-getter. A fanner of inner flames. And you’ve felt the pull. Seen the spark. Witnessed your cells explode with possibility. You’ve come alive with that vision of a holy-mama-this-is-good kinda life and you know you’ve got a wellspring of wisdom inside.

But then there’s the self-defeating thoughts. The confusion. Stuckness. Full-blown fear. The disconnection from what’s real and true. A whole lotta swirling chaos and a touch of head-against-the-wall madness.

Spirited is here to shake things up a little. To break the pattern. Rachel & Tara use their friendship, their experience, and twelve soulful lessons on clarity, connection and coming home (to yourself) as their launchpad for change.  


+ Complimentary Mindset Coaching Session + Reignite the Passion in your Relationship eBook by Elaine Copeland

How would you like to show up in 2016? Are you ready to become more focused on your daily practice, and turn your positive thinking into laser focused mind power, shorten your learning curve and gain more clarity and vision? Are you ready to build your Mental Muscle for more success in your business?

Now is the time to decide how you want to show up in 2016. This is your opportunity to receive a complimentary Mastermind-Mind-Set Coaching Session with Elaine Copeland, as your bonus for saying “yes” to joining the UPswing Mastermind!

You'll also receive a copy of Elaine's Reignite the Passion in your Relationship eBook!


+ 45 minute Full Colour Consultation by Lynne Stockdale from Stylish You

Want to know the secret to looking great in everything you wear? Wearing the colours that bring out your natural glow are essential, especially when you are a busy entrepreneur and want to make a huge impact in the world. 

This knowledge will ensure you look fresh with a naturally radiant glow. You’ll feel confident, alive to new possibilities and ready for anything!

Get ready for a well co ordinated wardrobe, where you are able to quickly and easily put outfits together. Re-discover your wardrobe, understanding which pieces actually work for you. No more wasting money on the ’bargain’ that you will never wear. This session will change your wardrobe forever!


+ How to Dominate Video in Your Business eBook by Holly Gillen

This 36-page guide is jammed packed full of innovative and creative ways to use video in your business. I go over everything from Live Events to Live Streaming and everything in between. 

Featuring tips, advice and personal stories from over 15 Ladies & Gents who are dominating with video in their businesses.


+ Guide to Processes & Procedures eBook by Joanna Mitchell

In this guide, Joanna explains why successful entrepreneurs understand that systemising is a key ingredient to achieving the vision and goals of their businesses, as well as how to create a procedure document and a template to help you get started.

Make a commitment in 2016 to systemise your health business. The true purpose and beauty of systemising is it enables you to create that freedom-based lifestyle you strive for.

This Exclusive Early Bird Bonus is yours when you sign up for UPswing Mastermind before 31 January 2016.

Apply now to explore if the program is right for you (and claim your goodies)

Disclaimer: All bonuses have been lovingly given to Early Bird members of the 2016 UPswing Mastermind from each individual business owner. Amanda J Daley PTY does not hold any responsibility in the unlikely circumstance that a participating business is unable to deliver.